About Us

Our Mission
Through artistic achievement, education, and engagement, the Gay Men’s Chorus of Charlotte endeavors to create a society which values and respects its lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender members.
Our Message
Hope for the future
Pride in ourselves and each other as lesbian and gay people
Equality of all
Our Values

UNWAVERING COMMITMENT to our mission and message
Our mission and message are what bring all of us together.
Everything we do arises from and is connected to our mission and message.

Our positive energy and our enthusiasm for singing help us tackle the monumental job of creating social change.

We endeavor to bring our individual talents to bear for the good of the group and in furtherance of our mission and message.

We take RISKS
The nature of our mission and message require that we take risks as a group and as individuals; we are willing to put ourselves on the line to make a difference.

What we cannot do well, we just won’t do.

We give each other SECOND CHANCES
We do not hide our mistakes; we acknowledge them, take responsibility, and offer each other compassion and kindness, trusting that no one’s intention is to cause harm.

We have lots of FUN
Our commitment, energy, enthusiasm, and regard for each other ensure that each rehearsal, each performance, and each meeting is rewarding and fun.

Corporate Supporters

GMCC is a brand-new face in the Charlotte-area arts scene. We’re looking for corporate and individual financial supporters.
If you’re interested, please contact us.

A Commitment to Helping Others

The Gay Men’s Chorus of Charlotte supports a diverse cross section of the community through its community outreach programs, which include benefit performances, complimentary concert tickets and coral education programs. An emphasis on persons living with and affected by HIV/AIDS, gay/lesbian youth, senior citizens, school and church choral programs and many more progressive causes.

If you’re interested in having GMCC present a program at your facility,
contact us.