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Everything you’ll want to know about singing and volunteering with GMCC … and then some!

How do I become a member of the GMCC?
Joining the GMCC is easy. Check out GMCC at one of our open rehearsals on Monday, September 8th, 15th and 22th These open rehearsals give you the chance to check out GMCC without making any commitment. If you like it (and we’re sure you will!) then it’s just a quick voice placement with the Director and Assistant Director, and you’re in!

“Voice placement”? Woah … that sounds difficult!
Don’t let it scare you! Our auditions are simply a way for us to evaluate your skill level and vocal range.
At this audition, you will be assigned to the section that is appropriate to your vocal range. The sections of GMCC are as follows, from highest vocal part to lowest:

First Tenor
Second Tenor


I’m not sure I can sing at all.
As our Director is fond of saying, “No one ever learned to drive by sitting in a parked car.” The only way you get better at singing is to sing.

Do I have to be gay? Do I have to be a man?
It’s a fact that not everyone is born gay, but we understand the desire to be around men who are witty, charming, talented, and fun. We welcome folks of all sexual orientations and genders – you just have to support the mission of GMCC; sing tenor, baritone, or bass; and wear a tux on stage.

I’d love to help, but I’m not interested in singing.
GMCC also has a non-singing Support section, for those who do not wish to sing, but are interested in being a part of the chorus family. Members of this prestigious section help the chorus at rehearsals and shows, distribute music and literature, arrange ushers, help sell our CD’s and assist in many different ways. (No audition is necessary for this section!)

When is the next opportunity to join?
Our next time to join starts September 8, 2014.


When and where are rehearsals?


Rehearsals are held Monday nights from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. in the sanctuary of St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, 1510 E Seventh Street, Charlotte, NC 28204. 

What is my time commitment / attendance expectations?
We expect all members to attend the weekly full chorus rehearsal on Monday nights. Each section holds a rehearsal or two per concert in addition to the Monday rehearsals. These are called sectional rehearsals and occur on other evenings or weekends. Although they are not mandatory, they are valuable, particularly if you do not read music or if you miss any regular rehearsals.
The goal is simple: get everyone on stage knowing the music so they can really enjoy the performance!

What is your attendance policy?
Rehearsals are about more than learning the notes. You need to get comfortable singing with the others around you (and they with you), learn to communicate with the Director, and the become fluid with whatever movement is associated with a song.
Each concert has a rehearsal period consisting of approximately 12 rehearsals. We expect chorus members to attend all rehearsals; however, we realize that conflicts and other commitments will arise. If you miss more than three rehearsals for a particular concert, you will have to speak with the conductor about your continued participation.
Participation in retreats, sectional rehearsals, and “make up” rehearsals will be very important in determining continued participation.

What are the costs associated with being in GMCC?
All chorus members are asked to make a contribution of $80 per year and purchase their own tuxedo ensemble (approx. $200). Singer contributions can be paid per month, per concert semester (there are two semesters), or for the entire year at once. These contributions go directly to help pay for the items which singers use directly as a part of rehearsal: printed music (which runs about $50 per singer per year), and the accompanist (which is about $10,000 per year).
The Chorus will has twice-a-year weekend retreats with nationally – and internationally! – recognized choral conductors. These experiences have helped build GMCC into a formidable artistic force. Not only are they valuable, they’re great fun!
Members may also have the opportunity to purchase other items such as sweatshirts, T-shirts, recordings and other merchandise, as well as certain travel expenses for large trips including tours and festivals.

Is there help available if I can’t afford the dues or my own tux?
Yes! There are several options available to those whose financial circumstances don’t permit them to pay dues. We are committed to making sure that money will NEVER be the reason you don’t sing!
If you need financial assistance, the Membership Coordinator will be happy to discuss your needs with you. All financial discussions are strictly confidential.

How often does the chorus perform?
In 2012-2013, we’ll perform four ticketed concerts (most with multiple performances), and many community outreach performances. Many of these outreach performances are performed by our small ensemble, 7th Son, but the full chorus does several per year as well.

What kind of music does the chorus perform?
We pride ourselves on doing a variety of music throughout the year. Our repertoire covers everything from classical and holiday music, to ballads and barbershop, all the way through Broadway and pride music. If you’re interested, click on LOOK & LISTEN to hear some of what we’ve done in the past. 

Are there chances for small group performances or solos and duets?
Every concert is filled with opportunities to perform solos or small ensembles. And we have a permanent small ensemble, called 7th Son, which from time-to-time has openings for new singers.

A newsletter, Chorus Notes, provides important information about upcoming rehearsals, performances, and other announcements. This is the primary information resource utilized by the chorus. Members find this information as an excellent first-point of reference.
A chorus membership roster is produced each concert so members can contact each other as needed. The information in the roster is to be used for chorus-related purposes only and is not to be distributed.

Rehearsal recordings


We do offer recordings of the music we are learning to help you with your part. These are especially important to the men of the chorus who don’t read music or don’t read it well.

I have more questions! where can I get more information?
E-mail us at or fill out the form below for more information, or call the Managing Artistic Director, John Quillin, at 704.549.9202.

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