Like most performing arts organizations, only about one-third of GMCC's annual revenue comes from ticket sales.  Generous donors make up the difference, helping us keep our ticket prices affordable and our mission vital.

GMCC will immediately put your contribution to work:

·  Buying music.  Music is getting more and more expensive every day.  Now, one copy of a single song costs at least $1.60.  That's over $50 for the entire chorus to have a copy of just that one piece of music.  And copies of some pieces can be as high as $10.95 each!

·  Supporting performances.  Every time we have a piano tuned for a performance, it's $150.

·  Providing insurance.  Liability insurance is over $600 per year.

·  Printing programs, tickets, postcards, posters, etc., etc., etc.:  over $2,000 each year.

·  Paying musicians.  Our accompanist and other musicians cost over $5,000 each year.

Add to this the costs of a phone, advertising, membership fees to the Gay and Lesbian Association of Chorus, ASCAP, and other costs, and GMCC's budget is over $15,000 per year – even with no paid staff and free space to rehearse and perform in!

Please make your tax deductible contribution today to keep GMCC a strong voice for change … for equality … for you. 

GMCC is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization.


Checks can be made payable to:
The Gay Men’s Chorus of Charlotte
PO Box 560661
Charlotte, NC 28256-0661